DLED TV : 18.5”~65”, OD35, OD28, ELED TV : 32”~84”, Hotel TV, Monitors, Temper Glass Models, Metal Frame/Stand Base Models, Colorful Series, Baby TV, Prison/Jail TV, Smart TV, 4K / UHD LED TVs, Curve, OLED

Indoor-Outdoor LED Big Displays

Public Displays, Mirror Screens, LED Modules , Video Walls, LED Curtains

High Brightness Panels

18.5”~75” screens with 500/1000/2000/2500 nits, Outdoor/Indoor, Wide View Angel LED Panels, IP65/67/68 Outdoor Waterproof/Mil-Spec , Sunlight Visible

Industrial Special Apps

Touch Screen Applications, Capacitive , IR, Saw touch frames, Optical Bonding Apps, Intelligent White Boards, Restaurant, Meeting Room Apps

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