When it comes to trusted business partner, T&T Global Trading Ltd located in Hong Kong is the ideal partner for you in inspection, procurement, sourcing, project management, sales and marketing.

Since the foundation in 2011, T&T Global Trading has built a solid reputation in wide geography- from Far East to Europe and Middle East including Turkey, Russia.


T&T Global Trading is specialized company for LED TV, monitors, publics displays, video walls, LED screens etc.

With strong engineering background T&T Global Trading LTD. says welcome you to develop your private projects.

T&T Global Trading LTD. would like to manage your Sales and Marketing activities in China and Turkey.

With high experience sourcing and procurement team, T&T Global Trading LTD. will be your main partner in China, and in Turkey to find best sources with best quality and services.

T&T Global Trading LTD. will be your eyes before you do business or buying items from Turkey and China . We will give you full inspection/factory audit reports for your orders/business agreements.

Find a business partner and investor from China / Turkey


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